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Our Wizard Nugget mineral Blend is the SECRET SAUCE in helping your PLANTS grow to their full potential!! When Wizard Nuggets are mixed into the plant’s Root Zone, your plants, fruits/vegetables, and flowers will grow bigger, faster, and stronger with more stable growth throughout the season. Wizard Nuggets also help your fruits, veggies, and herbs taste better. If a plant has a healthy and well-nourished root system (as well as plenty of water, sun, and fertilizer), the plant will be able to uptake and absorb more nutrients directly into the plant resulting in a more nutrient and mineral rich harvest! When Wizard Nuggets are saturated with any type of ‘liquid’ (water, nutrients, fertilizer, etc), they slowly…slowly…slowly release the water and nutrients they absorbed from the soil back into the plant’s ROOT ZONE. Studies have shown that the primary component of our Wizard Nugget mineral blend can absorb 60% of their weight in ‘liquid’ helping the plant continuously uptake a steady supply of plant growing nutrients! The time-release nutrient delivery system Wizard Nuggets naturally possess, make them the ideal solution for helping keep trees, plants, and lawns hydrated during times of drought and water uncertainty. How do they work? Wizard Nuggets are one of the only negatively charged minerals on the planet. Being negatively charged, Wizard Nuggets draw in and capture many undesirable materials, such as excess ammonia, keeping your roots safe from danger and decay. To learn more about this miraculous mineral, visit

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