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Here you can red the Vegamatrix Boost – 1 Gallon Detailed description:

Vegamatrix Boost is designed to augment the needs of additional Calcium and Magnesium which can’t be included in Grow and Bloom formulations.

Additional natural veganic ingredients have also been added to facilitate high metabolism and growth rates in all plants.

Combining Vegamatrix Boost with Grow and Bloom will enhance its effectiveness.Vegamatrix Boost is designed to be a stand-alone Ca-Mg supplement compatible with all base nutrients.

We choose the highest quality plant extracts and naturally occurring minerals available. By combining them essential vitamins, humic and fulvic acid complexes, amino acids and polysaccharides, plants may achieve their highest metabolism.

Vegamatrix Bloom is derived from over 95% natural ingredients. Clean crops are essential to people and our planet. Extensive testing created this blend of organic materials, naturally mined minerals, and just a touch of synthetic minerals to provide explosive growth.

Grow vigorous plants with intense flavors without sacrifice to the earth.

We have combined all the vital ingredients for full flavored produce in 3 bottles.

Veganics made easy!

Vegamatrix provides nutrition that is nearly 100% bio-available. This mean slower application rates and the lowest residuals of salts and heavy metals in your produce.

Used in conjunction, Vegamatrix Grow, Bloom, and Boost provide complete nutrition in all stages of plant growth. This customizable nutrition program encourages rapid photosynthesis in all crops.

Vegamatrix nutrients are designed for use with any substrate or growing media.

Directions: Apply Vegamatrix Boost to every watering at a rate of 2-10 ml/g

Veganic: Contains no animal derived ingredients.

Store in a cool dark place.

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