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Fish and Seafood Blend Give Your Crop a Boost Neptune’s Harvest Organic Fish/Seaweed Blend Fertilizer gives you the best of both products with a perfect blend of fish hydrolysate and seaweed, ensuring a complete fertilization program. Growers using our fish/seaweed blend fertilizer on a regular basis have reported increased marketable yields and improved shelf life on fruits and vegetables. Fish and Seaweed are known to build the natural sugar in plants. Flowers and foliage will be stronger and more colorful. Blooms will be more plentiful, fragrant and longer lasting The Neptune’s Harvest blend (75% Fish and 25% Seaweed) can be used on anything that grows: Always shows increased vegetable production. Lawns are more drought tolerant, more disease resistant, thicker and always dark green in color Tulips and flowers show bigger blooms and more longevity Rose canes thicken and respond well Pests such as aphids are deterred Great compost enhancer Seedlings become stronger and more vigorous More resistant to the usual summer onslaught of insects and diseases Concentrated mix makes the following: One quart makes 32 Gallons One gallon makes 128 Gallons

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