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Hello Good day, Thanks for your time period intended for studying my post in relation to Commercial Edition Trich-XL (1 Quart). I believe at this point you are looking for Fertilizers & Plant Food product, therefore you tend to be around the right post. For this time I want to authoring Commercial Edition Trich-XL (1 Quart). And also I expect it will be valuable info to suit your needs before you decide to take out a Fertilizers & Plant Food merchandise. The actual Commercial Edition Trich-XL (1 Quart) merchandise is usually among solutions in which produced by Dutch Master firm.

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Trich-XL is a specialized trichome-increasing formula containing select chelated minerals, naturally-occurring bioorganics, metabolites and precursors targeted at improving both terpenoid and trichome production and potency. The synergistic combination of these elements will also enhance chlorophyll production and photosynthesis resulting in increased dry-weight yields while eliciting secondary SAR (systemic acquired resistance) inducing effects, helping protect the plant from pathogenic bacterial, viral and fungal (bud rot, root rot and powdery mildew) attacks. Along with an additional suite of specific carbohydrates, vitamins, L-amino’s and trace elements, Trich-XL also acts as a well-rounded biotic and abiotic stress and micro-deficiency reliever. Trich-XL is a first-pick additive for every grower and is designed to be used as a regular root feed and foliar spray, with the lights on, to defend against pathogens and the environment, help prevent micronutrient deficiencies and increase end-product bag appeal. Aqua Feed, Coir Feed and Media Feed nutrient elemental ratio has been calculated to synergistically include use with Commercial Edition Sila-Guard, Cal-Mag, Trich-XL, Zone and Saturator as a balanced, high-purity, plant nutrition formulation guaranteeing a maximum yield, optimal plant health, growth and increased trichome and terpenoid production. Simply follow the Feed Chart instructions – it’s that easy! The Dutch Master Commercial Edition is a range of advanced nutrients suitable for both professional and general hydroponics growers and is proudly manufactured by Fujifilm in Chicago U.S.A. under strict licensing exclusively for Dutch Master Nutrients in an ISO 9001, ISO 13485 (medical manufacturer) and ISO 14001 (green manufacturing practices) certified facility. Available in 1 QT, 1 GAL & 5 GAL sizes delivered to your door in discreet packaging. Visit DUTCHMASTERNUTRIENTS.COM for product info, usage instructions and feed charts!

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